Well / Yield Testing

How much water is your well producing? We will test the supply to quantify the volume of water over a set period of time, which will establish an accurate yield.

Results from the Yield Test will determine:

  1. Yield from your Well, m³ per Day (1m³ = 1000 litres of water)
  2. Draw down of water levels in the pumping well and surrounding area
  3. Monitor recovery of water level after the test
  4. Samples can be collected prior to switching the pump off. These samples can then be analysed for chemical & Bacterial Analysis
  5. Give and accurate yield borehole

Why yield test?

There can be a number of reasons to complete a yield test, such as ensuring a well can consistently produce the levels of water your home or business will require.

Our pumping test will be completed within the standards defined in BS6316 (1992)

During the testing process we keep detailed and careful measurements utilising specialised equipment and a full report will be given to you at the end;

Typical information given

a)     Job Name an Location

b)     Contractor’s Name

c)     Production  Well Reference No. and LocationYield Test Setup

d)     Date of Test Pumping

e)     Measuring Point

f)       Height of measuring Point Above Ground Level

g)     Pumping Plant and Labour Employed

h)     Times, Water Levels and Pumping Rates

i)        Conditions of water and Other Observations

j)       Times, Water Levels to Recovery after Pumping

Tom Briody & Son, are your one stop, complete well drilling solution.

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