Our Projects

See below a sample of projects we have recently completed. Contact us for more information on the details relevant to your area of interest.

Consulting Engineers and HydrogeologistsSite Development with safety Fencing

Production Wells and Pump Testing for a variety of projects throughout Ireland.

Vertical Wells for a Closed Loop Geothermal Heat System installed as part of a large commercial development in Dublin City Centre.

Local Authorities

Water Supply Scheme - Wicklow

Production Well Drilling & Pump Testing
Drilling from 600mm - 300mm diameter Production Wells
72 Hour Yield Testing on each Well
10 Day Yield Testing on 5 & 5 & 4 Wells simultaneously
Water Supply Scheme - Cork
Trial Well Drilling Contract
Drilling 450mm, 400mm, 300mm & 250mm Trial Wells
Ancillary Detailed Groundwater Investigations
Casing with 200mm uPVC Screen & Riser
Groundwater Investigation – Waterford
Exploratory Well Drilling & Yield Testing
Drilling 450mm – 150mm diameter Wells
7 Day Yield Testing & Ancillary Works
Water Improvement Scheme – East Meath / South Louth
Drilling 300mm, 250mm, & 200mm Wells
7 Day, 72, & 24 Hour Yield Testing & Ancillary Works
Regional Water Supply Scheme – Roscommon
Production & Trial Wells
Drilling 600mm - 200mm diameter Production & Trial Wells  


West Link Toll Bridge, Limerick Port Tunnel and others - Dewatering Wells to lower water table level to allow construction to take place.
Decommissioning of Monitoring Wells and Dormant Wells for many commercial and public sector developments
Water and Geothermal Wells for large commercial developments throughout Ireland.

Hotel Leisure

Production Wells and Pumps for large hotel and golf resorts in Co. Leitrim, Co. Meath, Co. Roscommon among others.
Many golf courses, GAA clubs, rugby clubs, soccer clubs, gyms, leisure centres throughout the country have availed of our full range of services.


We have drilled Monitoring Wells for discharge licence requirements for a variety of Production Plants in the Food, Drink, Meat, Dairy, Automotive, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries throughout Ireland.   


Finnished Man Hole CoverAll the large quarry groups in Ireland – production wells, monitoring wells, pump testing.
Dewatering to remove water to allow quarrying to take place.


Production wells on multiple sites for large North Leinster based Piggery business.

We have equipped many of Ireland’s rural industries such as farms and garden centres with their own fresh water supply, helping reduce overhead costs.

We can provide both our domestic and commercial customers with Geothermal Heating and Cooling solutions. The Agricultural sector has

often availed of our Geothermal wells for heating their homes and commercial units, reducing running costs.


We have been drilling wells for home water use and for geothermal heat systems for thousands of homeowners throughout Ireland since 1956.


Large library development in Co. Cavan.Large commercial development in Dublin City Centre.Many geothermal wells for residential home owners.

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