Education Sector / Health Sector

To identify and/or provide a quality water supply, a sustainable heatWell Drilling For Schools, 
Hospitals, Collages & For You energy source or avail of our wide range of services, Tom Briody & Son is the specialist well drilling company for you

When it comes to well drilling or related services, Education and health Sector have made good use of our services of the decades
Our customers know we commit to doing whatever it takes in providing solutions to difficulties that may arise during a project

  • Our team will work with you to achieve the best results, we can manage projects for you saving you time, while still getting regular progress reports Helping 
you To reduce Your cost's
  • We provide detailed reports on, geology, drilling conditions, water supply, health and safety paper work, and any other relevant information you need 
  • Furthermore, we will keep a computer database of all wells we have drilled. We are often requested to provide previous well records when wells in a similar area/geology are planned
  • We have completed numerous projects for Schools, collages, hospitals and nursing homes, including: Trial Wells, Production Wells, Monitoring Wells, Geothermal Wells, De-Watering Wells, Yield Testing and Site Clearance. We’re now in a position to dig and back fill trenches, construct a pump house and manhole covers for you, contact us to find out more
  • High volume users now is the time to drill for your own water supply, by having your own well drilled, you will reduce your costs and control the supply and pressure of your own water supply,  the payback period can often be within 9 months; ‘your well will save you money’
  • We know that Metered Water Rates have increased over the past number of years and that this trend is likely to continue. We also know how difficult it is to control the level of water being used. So, why pay unnecessary water rates any longer?
  • We can also supply wells to reduce your heating costs ask about geothermal heating, adding value to your premises.
    Working with 
your needs

"Contact us today on +353 46 9243614. We would be happy to provide you with suitable references and discuss your needs further."



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