Well Sealing and Capping

Well Being Grouted

Well Sealing is necessary, water well drilling in practice, generally comprises of an opening in the overburden greater than the diameter of the steel casing subsequently installed. Such Drilling methods can sometimes result in surface water  and/or shallow groundwater migrating downwards along the annulus of the steel casing to a deeper aquifer or possibly to the producing zone of the well. Therefore, it is recommended to grout the well which ensures that the subsoil is sealed with cement grout to prevent surface water from entering the well on the outside of the steel casing .

 Backwash Generated From Grout Being Pumped

Tom Briody & Son only use quality products, we believe that by ensuring the highest quality materials are used, we can prevent problems later and making certain you get a return your investment. Not using proper sealing methods, poor quality products, or just not sealing at all can lead to a number of problems for your well.

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